Engaged!, by David Mandich, Los Cabos Magazine – Issue #12.

Los Cabos is fast becoming a serious rival of Las Vegas as The Place to pop the question as well as tie the knot. Here, nervous suitors can find the perfect location to make such an important request from secluded bahías to romantic, candle–lit restaurants. If you want a natural setting for that special moment, almost any secluded beach in Baja will do. One guy arranged for a friend in SCUBA gear to swim ashore at Lover’s Beach near Land’s End with the engagement ring. Another beau, walking along the beach at Santa María, pretended to dig up a clam, revealing inside the clamshell the engagement ring he’d hidden there a short time before. Whales leaped, dolphins squealed and turtles swam ashore with congratulations.

One of the most idyllic hotel locations for popping the question (and staging a wedding) is the Cabo Surf Hotel Beachside in San José del Cabo. Overlooking an awesome surfers’ wave break, this hotel is a seaside–fantasy wedding venue. Propose to her on a hammock, a beach blanket, a surfboard, while in the infinity pool at sunset or over a drink on the palapa terrace.

Some can’t wait to get to Los Cabos before they pop the question. On one flight here, the pilot announced, “We’ll be flying at 35,000 feet today, but one of our passengers will be flying much higher. Suzy Singleton’s boyfriend, Tony, asked me to ask Suzy if she would marry him? How about it Suzy?” The sound of applause filled the airplane. Suzy cried “yes” all the way to Cabo.

One truly magnificent setting for a proposal is among the columns and pools at Sunset Da Mona Lisa restaurant overlooking Cabo San Lucas bay. On the other hand, you could go public with your proposal by getting the Squid Row DJ to pop the question. The whole bar will cheer, and you get to buy a thousand strangers a drink.

Another wild and crazy idea is to ask her while both of you are hanging upside–down on the marlin fish scale at the Giggling Marlin. Worried about being rejected? Send her 600 feet in the air on a parachute towed by a fast boat. Hold a knife to the tow rope and shout: “Honey, will you marry me?” “A ‘yes’ response is automatic,” said one boat operator.

The choices range from tasteful to tacky. Somehow, Los Cabos’ aquamarine seas, tranquil deserts, romantic restaurants and clubs flowing with rivers of tequila have been known to inspire many wedding proposals. Believe me, the proposal is the easy part. Really.––David Mandich