The Food Lovers’ Guide to Saving & Splurging in Los Cabos

How can you save money and splurge at the same time when dining out in Los Cabos? Easy. Opt for a $15 meal instead of a $50 extravaganza. Or, if you really want to go to that high-ticket restaurant, make it a special occasion. There are plenty of options in Los Cabos.

Consider tapas. They inspire sharing and conversations. Where to go? Sunset Point at Sunset da Mona Lisa (624-145-8160) is the perfect place. The fantastic view of the famous arch is free! In the mood for lobster but don’t want to pay top price? Baja Lobster Co. (624-145-6011) on the Cabo San Lucas Marina boasts reasonable prices and a view the marina with all its activity. Ever heard of the $19.95 lobster tail at Villa Serena (624-145-8244)? Tell the cabbie that’s where you want you to go, and you will dine well on lobster while enjoying a view of the Sea of Cortés. Puerta Vieja (624-104-3252) is another must-visit spot for continental fare, a three-course sunset menu for only $16.95 U.S. and a fantastic view of the arch.

After a day’s shopping spree or art tour in San José del Cabo, drop by Jazmin’s (624-142-1760). Tucked behind the church in the art district, the restaurant is designed with what most people think of when picturing authentic México; and its huge platters are big enough to share.

For a special breakfast, splurge on the French toast at Mama’s Royal Café (624-143-4290); it’s the area’s very best. Ah, but you came to Cabo to be on the beach. What can be better than wiggling your toes in the sand at the Medano Beach Club (624-143-6554)? You’ll find fresh fish, Mexican dishes, and friendly service—all for a reasonable price. Mango Deck (624-143-0901) is another beach club, famous for its rowdy entertainment as well as good food all day long. Solomon’s Landing (624-143-3050) on the marina is a happening place for reasonably priced fare while people watching on the marina. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, the varied menu will appeal to one and all and won’t disturb the budget.

Okay, now if you really want to splurge, opt for De Cortez in the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar (624-145-8000 ext. 4087), right on the water with servers bowing and scraping to make you feel like the king (or queen) for the evening, enjoying steak at its finest. Pitahaya’s (624-145-6126) is another to consider. The restaurant’s magnificent palapa, Asian fusion menu (rich with seafood), and bayside dining have made it a popular destination with travelers and locals. Who can ask for anything more? On a visit to Sunset da Mona Lisa (624-145-8160), you may see a wedding in progress on the terrace while dining elegantly on Italian fare. The view of Land’s End is worth every penny.

In the mood for sushi? You owe it to yourself to splurge a little at one of the Nick-San restaurants here in Los Cabos. They are known for the absolute finest in Japanese dishes. But don’t go for just the sushi. The menu will astound you with the variety of authentic Japanese recipes, either in downtown Cabo San Lucas (624-143-2491) or at the Shoppes at Palmilla in San José del Cabo (624-143-4484). Same menu, different atmosphere. Don’t miss Arts & Sushi on the Cabo San Lucas Marina (624-144-4554). Great Asian food and interesting displayed artwork will tantalize the senses.

For a culinary escapade, you owe it to yourself to make reservations at the cliffside ESTHER SAID THIS NO LONGER EXISTS. DOES IT??? El Farallón restaurant at Capella Pedregal (624-163-4300) where you select your own regional fish or seafood while mesmerized by the crashing waves on the rocks below. Its seafood as fresh and as imaginative as it gets. Or try Don Manuel’s (624-143-4350) , another fine dining experience at Capella where you can dine in at a private booth or out on the terrace overlooking the pool and beach.

A rather romantic spot and quite reasonable is the Cabo Winery Restaurant (624-143-8078). Yes, we have a winery in Los Cabos. And it has a restaurant, complete with live music. Take a wine tasting tour while noshing on some very reasonably priced coconut shrimp tapas. Another romantic spot might be Alcaravea Gourmet Restaurant (624-143-3730). Located in a parking lot (don’t laugh), once inside, you’ll think you have died and gone to heaven in this intimate eatery that is protected from the outside world with just the right lighting, strategic plantings and the best food this side of the Mediterranean.

For seafood, we suggest going where the locals go—Mocambo’s Mariscos (624-143-2122), where you’ll see platters piled high with all varieties of seafood. If its Mexican fare you’re hungry for, MigueLocos (624-143-7077) is the place and another local favorite in downtown Cabo. Most Mexican dishes at Maria Corona (624-143-0123) can be enjoyed for around $10 U.S.; try the beef shank for less than $15 U.S. Want to have your fresh fish cooked? Baja Cantina (624-143-1591) on the marina is the place. They’ll prepare it every way imaginable, including a platter of sashimi (around $10 U.S. per person) to start.

Don’t forget the DOC Wine Bar (624-143-8500). It has become a local hangout for wine aficionados seeking exceptional Italian food and wine. Moderate prices will have you returning on each visit to Cabo.

Whether you’re marking a special occasion or wanting to sit high above the marina and look out over the display of boats, try Lorenzillo’s (624-105-0212), famous for its lobster and seafood—as fresh as it gets and as imaginative as you want.

Dining is as good in Los Cabos as any place in the world—and as reasonably priced as you need it to be. You don’t have to break the bank to dine well.

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