Bounty of the Sea – LCM 46 Spring 2017

Bounty of the Sea

Los Cabos is nearly surrounded by water,

and the seafood options here are spectacular On any given day, the Cabo San Lucas marina buzzes ..


On any given day, the Cabo San Lucas marina buzzes to life as early as 5 a.m. Fishermen from all walks of life and in all makes and styles of seacraft—from pangas to charter boats—take to the open sea in search of dinner, a sufficient catch to sell, or for a trophy. It is a traditional rite of passage for the local fishermen, while tourists go for a day of excitement and camaraderie on the high seas.


Bounty of the Sea - LCM 46 Spring 2017Ranked among the top five fishing destinations on the planet, Los Cabos holds the title as the marlin capital of the world. There are numerous fishing tournaments that bring anglers to the area from all over the world. One of the most exciting sights to see is the shotgun start of the Bisbee multimillion-dollar Black & Blue Marlin tournament every October with as many as 120 boats and more than a dozen nations represented heading out of the harbor in search of the big one. Cabo is proud to say it practices the catch-and-release program in order to maintain the ecosystem, especially with game fish.


There are many sustainable alternatives for restaurants and retailers to offer in place of billfish. Most local restaurants have taken marlin and other billfish off the menu.


Bounty of the Sea - LCM 46 Spring 2017
Japanese food, Japanese restaurant, Cabo San Lucas

The region’s restaurants expertly showcase the sea’s bounty. Seabass, tuna, oysters, mussels, and crab are but some of the local specials that have made their way to the tables at myriad Los Cabos restaurants. Seafood lovers know how to enjoy Cabo’s fantastic offerings from the sea, which are demand-driven by diversified cuisine. From beach comfort food to sidewalk taco stands to the most elegant dining rooms, seafood makes for an epic culinary adventure in Cabo and is not to be missed.While local fish such as seabass, red snapper, mahi mahi and parrot fish are popular with anglers and the mainstay of most Cabo restaurants, shellfish and crustaceans take center stage on many menus. Japanese restaurants such as Nick-San (www and Daikoku ( offer more exotic species such as giant clams the size of a man’s hand, softshell crab and sushi made with eel. Whether baked, grilled, marinated, poached, raw, roasted or smoked, you can eat your way around Cabo and never be bored with the selection of seafood.

Bounty of the Sea - LCM 46 Spring 2017Local chefs know how to treat fish, using simple preparations that showcase the fresh flavors of the region. Choosing, preparing, and savoring seafood by the chef is paramount as well as his take on sustainability so that we can feel guilt free in feasting on seafood and fish, knowing the chef is knowledgeable about commercial over-fishing.


A popular practice when it comes to what to do with your catch is to take it to one of the great local seafood restaurants and have them prepare it the way you like it and in a variety of ways. The fee is relatively small per person, and it’s a luxury to have it cooked for you and your friends while reminiscing about the day’s fishing experience. Two such restaurants that offer this service are the popular Captain Tony’s ( and Solomon’s Landing ( located on the marina. Even the Italian restaurants offer a nice selection of seafood combinations.

Bounty of the Sea - LCM 46 Spring 2017
Catch of the day with roasted eggplant, Campari tomatoes, artichoke hearts and veloute of fish, flavored with tarragon

At Romeo & Julieta  (, seafood linguini and fillet of fish with lemon-caper sauce are popular dishes. One of my favorite appetizers at Sunset Point ( is calamari fritti (breaded squid with guajillo, capers, and mayonnaise dipping sauce). A pizza topped with shrimp at La Dolce ( is named for a VIP customer. Chef Volker Romeike at Pitahayas ( offers a grilled shrimp with fried avocado and sweet chili kaffir cream topped with beet foam. A catch-of-the day winner can be found at Alcaravea Gourmet (; it’s baked with sun-dried tomatoes Mediterranean style. One of my favorite dishes is a red snapper prepared whole, quickly deep fried and finished on the grill that the chef at María Corona ( prepares to perfection. It’s crispy on the outside while the flesh remains succulent. First you eat one side, then turn it and finish off the other side. When I finish, it looks like a cat devoured it because all that is left are the bones.

The ocean is essential to all life…ours and the generations to come. As long as we protect it, we can enjoy all the benefits offered.


Continue enjoying favorite seafood recipes once you return home from Los Cabos. Here, Pitahayas chef Volker Romeike shares his recipe for yellowfin tuna poke.

Bounty of the Sea - LCM 46 Spring 2017Ingredients:

4 ounces yellowfin tuna, cubed
3 ounces watermelon, cubed with seeds removed
2 ounces avocado, cubed
1 ounce red onion, sliced
4 sprigs of cilantro, leaves only
½ jalapeño, sliced in thin wheels
1 radish, sliced
1 green tomato, cut in half and sliced
3 ounces soy sauce
1 ounce ginger, grated
1 lemon


Take the tuna and marinate it for two to three minutes in soy sauce and ginger.

Place all the other ingredients in a bowl, adding the marinated tuna at the end. Sprinkle with lemon juice and add some Tajín. Garnish with cilantro.


To serve, place in a chilled bowl and put the sauce on the side for people to taste.



3 ounces sour cream
Juice of 1 lemon
1 ounce Tajín
Salt to taste

Mix everything together. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.