Cafe des Artistes – LCM 46 Spring 2017

Cafe des Artistes - LCM 46 Spring 2017Cafe des Artistes

Chef Thierry Blouet has masterfully married Mexican fine cuisine and French influences at his award-winning Café des Artistes restaurants. The newest his third in México opened to great acclaim at the JW Marriott Resort, and its understated elegance and awe-inspiring views of the Sea of Cortés are enough to take your breath away.

But they are just a backdrop to Thierry’s culinary creations. Guests are greeted with an eye-popping display of all things seaworthy like a large octopus splayed over a mound of ice at the entrance. Every dish is a work of art, perfectly executed by second-in-command Mario Rodriguez, who has worked with Blouet for 16 years. Signature dishes include pumpkin cream soup with prawns served from a fresh carved pumpkin, an item that has been on Blouet menus for more than 25 years. A tasting menu is available to explore enticing food options like softshell crab, suckling pig, foie gras al’orange (Grandma’s recipe), a duo of short ribs and medallion of beef, and the Flower Pot dessert made with three varieties of mousse.

Extraordinary breads, pastries and desserts are all made on-site. On your visit, start by experiencing a signature cocktail from the handsome suede-and-leather book of drinks; we enjoyed the refreshing Mezcalini made with “moonshine” cactus created by two mixologists during the restaurant’s cocktail contest in 2016. More seasonal cocktails and contests to come, promises Ivan Tapia, sommelier of the wine cava with more than 300 varieties. Enjoy piano music nightly. JW Marriott Resort, Puerto Los Cabos, San José del Cabo, (624) 163-7600, Tues.–Sun. 6 p.m.–11 p.m. All major credit cards accepted. $$$–$$$$ S.A.B.


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