Unexpected Adventure – LCM 46 Spring 2017

Unexpected  Adventure

You’ll have the time of your life
with these fun activities
By Beto Haro

Unexpected Adventure - LCM 46 Spring 2017It’s springtime in Los Cabos, and the beaches are buzzing. There are twentysomethings at every turn: soaking up the sun on beach loungers, letting off steam at beach clubs, and dancing the night away at downtown hot spots. Families, too, have made their way to Los Cabos. You’ll see them swimming in the waters off Médano Beach, exploring the region’s rich sea life from the bright yellow Cabo Submarine, and setting out on whale watching adventures.

Yep. When it comes to Los Cabos, this is a season for exploring, adventuring, and having a blast.
In this issue of Los Cabos Magazine, we highlight some of the region’s best beaches (page 44). We also have our complete guide to activities (page 56), which features all the best-known adventures (think sunset cruises, whale watching, and sportfishing). But this article right here is dedicated to five of Los Cabos’ lesser-known-but-sure-to-delight experiences.
Unexpected Adventure - LCM 46 Spring 2017There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Buccaneer Queen (www.wildcabotours.com), the 96-foot pirate ship that sails the Cabo San Lucas seas. The legendary vessel—a veteran of Hollywood films like Cutthroat Island—is a favorite of Cabo tourists and locals because of its whale watching, snorkel, and sunset tours. But did you know about its Buccaneer Night Pirate Party? For only $69 U.S., you get to join the swashbuckling crew for a three-hour tour to the famous arch at Land’s End and around the Cabo San Lucas Bay. The party gets started right at 8:30 p.m. and includes all-you-can-drink grog (that’s “booze” in pirate speak) as well as an exhilarating series of pirate challenges. Just remember to stay on your best behavior…otherwise, it’s the plank for you!
A leader in eco-friendly tourism, Cabo Expeditions (www.caboexpeditions.com.mx) is known for its submarine (kids will love the underwater views of “the aquarium of the world,” as Jacques Cousteau called it), expeditions to the UNESCO World Heritage site Espíritu Santo (an archipelago off of La Paz), and Zodiac whale watching tours. But it’s Cabo Expeditions’ one-of-a-kind whale concert that has us super excited. A relatively new offering—it debuted only last whale watching season—the whale concert pairs stargazing with the melodic, poignant singing of humpback whales. Venture out into the seas surrounding Cabo San Lucas on one of Cabo Expeditions’ Zodiac boats. Enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres as hydrophones pick up the mesmerizing music of the humpback whales. This—coupled with a surprise at the end—makes for a magical experience you won’t soon forget. The tour costs $95 U.S. for adults and $60 for children 5–10 years old.

There’s no missing CaboRey (www.caborey.com). The 144-foot, triple-decker catamaran dwarfs other vessels by comparison. But don’t you dare dismiss this ship as “just another sunset cruise.” Having pioneered Mexican boat tours more than 50 years ago, CaboRey has since perfected the “floating restaurant” concept. Its premium dinner and show is a totally unique experience in Los Cabos. Not only does the $116 U.S. tour include the requisite sunset views of Land’s End, the sea, and other landmarks, but it also features live music, limitless cocktails, and an extraordinary multicourse meal (think lobster, shrimp, steak). But that’s not all. The private air-conditioned dining room is also home to a main stage, which hosts a spectacular Mexican and Argentine floor show: There’s fire, mariachi music, Las Vegas-style tango dancing, and more!
Unexpected Adventure - LCM 46 Spring 2017You can’t come to Los Cabos without spending any time on the water. But at Cabo Sailing (www.cabosailing.com), water enthusiasts get to explore a new horizon with the company’s sailing lesson (price varies). Cabo Sailings’ lesson is perfect not only for first-time sailors but also for those who have a little experience, and the crew has thought of everything: This should be fun for the whole family and not just the person learning. Yes, there will be plenty of food and cold drinks to go along with the knowledge being dispensed. By the end of the three-hour lesson, you’ll know or at least grow familiar with basic sailing techniques, the physics and vocabulary of sailing, handling sails, steering the boat in basic maneuvers, and how to respond to simple emergency events like “man overboard!”
In a destination like Los Cabos, it’s pretty much a given that there will be off-road racing, dolphin experiences, and horseback riding. And there is! (You can learn more in our activity guide on page 56.) But who would have expected camel rides? That’s just what you get at Camel Quest at Wild Canyon (www.wildcanyon.com.mx), the region’s premier eco-park. Camel Quest takes explorers age 4 and older on an exciting journey through the El Tule canyon and oasis, where everybody will enjoy games and challenges and get to interact with the camels. Parents, you’ll love knowing that some of the camels were trained specifically to work with young children.

Squeezing all this fun into your Los Cabos vacation would be a tall feat. But, believe us, it’s worth it. And, of course, you can always come back for more!