Nick-San Palmilla – LCM 49 Spring 2018

Nick-San Palmilla

You have to try Nick-San more than once. Not only are there two locations—one in downtown Cabo San Lucas; the other in San José del Cabo—but there is also a huge variety of offerings. One favorite is the yellowtail sashimi (pictured)

On our last trip to Nick-San Palmilla, we started with a Champagne cocktail from the Champagne Bar at the Garden to get ourselves into the ambience. The chef sent an amuse bouche of whitefish sashimi served with truffle oil. And we continued with a jicama tartar made of seabass, jicama, chasoba, and a refreshing citrus dressing. Try this dish with the house sauvignon blanc so you will be able to appreciate even more the fruity sides of the wine and of the dressing as well. We then continued with the Negi Roll, made with whitefish, crab, shrimp, thin caramelized onions, and a touch of truffle oil. One of our favorite dishes was the crab ravioli, a special dish currently available exclusively at the Palmilla location and consisting of delicious ravioli stuffed with softshell crab and shitake and served with a creamy yuzu sauce. This visit to Nick-San Palmilla was totally different from previous trips; the restaurant was completely remodeled by French architect Jacqueline Perrot, and there is now also a lovely Zen vibe in the Garden Lounge Bar as well as in the terrace facing the sea. Come for a visit and enjoy great service, unbelievable dishes, and a unique ambience, whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or for a special occasion. Nick-San Palmilla also offers its Beyond catering service. Pair the most exclusive setting in Los Cabos with incredible flavors and service. Area privativa Ap-15, Shoppes at Palmilla, San José del Cabo, Phone (624) 144-6264, Daily 2 p.m.–11 p.m. Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and vouchers accepted. $$–$$$$


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