Date Night! – LCM 51 Spring 2019

 Date Night

Romantic, casual, unexpected—where

to take your sweetheart in Los Cabos

By Sandra A. Berry

Selecting just where to dine on date night is sometimes more stressful than the date itself. Are you looking to wow with expensive dishes or just find an intimate spot? Will it be too fancy or too casual? Will it have a big enough menu that your date will be able to pick something he or she likes?

What follows is a list of some of my favorite places, a roundup of comfortable environments, varied menus, and affordability.  Los Cabos has ample options to have a decent dinner as you navigate the sometimes-treacherous dating waters.

Rule number one: Phone down, out of sight.

Going for places that you’ll be able to actually talk with your significant other and laugh without being drowned out by loud noises or shushed for being too loud, I would suggest La Dolce(www a small, intimate sidewalk cafe with a wood-fired oven for great pizzas, fresh pasta dishes, flickering candles, smooshed-together tables, creating the sort of intimacy that works well for dates in general, and just a nice place to take a nice date.


La Deriva Restaurant. Tourist Corridor, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, México.

If you’re looking to impress with a view, check out Los Riscos(www.ha orLa Deriva ( These restaurants have all the hallmarks of a great date spot. The lapping waves of the shore along the Sea of Cortés are magical. La Deriva has a bar practically on the beach that is perfect for sipping cocktails and a menu with a fantastic selection of Italian cuisine; the cliff-side of Los Riscos has private dining areas for a romantic evening, made all the more special with the sound of waves crashing below. You can’t get any closer to the beach than Pitahayas ( which has the most beautiful palapa in Los Cabos.

The Wine Bar at Romeo & Julieta( is a brand-new spot. Its setting is sophisticated and adult. This is an intimate set-up with tapas that are ideal for sharing while still keeping things casual and low commitment. If you are beyond the casual stage, go for a full-on-dinner of exceptional Italian food in the main

Romeo y Julieta Restaurant Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, MÈxico.

dining room or romantic patio of the adjacent Romeo & Julieta.

Looking to mix things up? Los Cabos restaurants feature cuisine from all over the world and with all sorts of built-in entertainment.

Try Namaste India(www.namaste for a different palate altogether. Visit Chin’s(www.chins for Chinese, or Nick-San( for Japanese (with locations in Cabo and on the tourist corridor).

Consider Café des Artistes( in the JW Marriott Resort. It’s a beautifully designed place, elegant and calming overlooking the Sea of Cortés. Bringing someone here means you are seriously thinking of giving your date a key to your condo.


In a destination like Los Cabos, superb dining is not limited to restaurants. A sailboat ride on Cabo Sails(www.cabo It’s a lovely way to spend an evening. Another adventure date on the high seas to consider and reeks romance is the CaboRey( complete with gourmet dinner-show. Or perhaps you want to enjoy a picnic basket lunch packed at Captain Tony’s ( or a sunset on the beach. 

Breakfast is always a good idea, especially on a Sunday morning. For a true Mexican breakfast that is sufficient to share, go toCampestre(wwwwww.restau Don’t be turned off by the long line waiting to get in. It moves fast and is worth the wait. It’s obviously a good sign that the locals eat here. One of the best places for the benny crowd or stuffed French toast fans is Mama’s Royal Cafe(www.mamasroyal or Solomon’s Landing(

Movie night at the Puerto Paraiso shopping center can start or end with sushi at Misaky(www.loscabosguide .com/misaky-sushi-salad) in the food court.  While perusing the streets for the Art Walk in San José del Cabo, enjoy a delightful, and romantic, dinner at Mi Casa(www.micasarestaurant

Fisherman’s Landing(www.loscabos on the marina for great seafood and sushi, and John’s Place(www.loscabos rant-bar) for baby back ribs with TV screens on all the walls for viewing the latest ball games. Both are comfortable, bustling with the crowd’s enthusiasm, and a place where you don’t have to worry about getting your fingers dirty. There’s also District MX on the tourist corridor with the largest bar in town and many TVs for watching several games at once.

Fisherman’s Landing