The Directory, Your guide to Los Cabos activities – LCM 51 Spring 2019

The Directory

Your guide to Los Cabos activities

By Fernando Rodriguez


Los Cabos is always a perfect destination to kick back by the pool (or the ocean), read a good book, have drinks, or simply relax, there is also a huge array of activities to pique your interest—by land, by air, and by sea.

Sunset Dinner Cruises


We can’t get enough of the Los Cabos sunset cruise options, and that’s saying a lot because there is a seemingly endless supply of offerings: SunRider is a smooth, eco-friendly ride. Cabo Escape boasts an exceptionally accessible ticket price and all-you-can-drink fun with a party vibe. Cabo Sails is perfectly personalizable. Caborey is known for its five-star dining and floor show. Eco-Cat has a family feel and smooth, smooth ride that is perfectly complemented by the sister restaurant: Eco Bar. And Pez Gato is one of a fan-favorite fleet. Cabo Escape ( Cabo Rey ( SunRider Tours (www.sunrider Cabo Sails ( Eco-Cat ( Pez Gato (



Kayaking in Cabo San Lucas Bay from Médano Beach toward Lover’s Beach is a paddling, sun-soaked treat that includes the visual beauty of Land’s End Arch, the sea lion colony, surrounding water taxi, and snorkeling activity. EcoCat (www


Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the arch and Lover’s Beach at Land’s End, floating above Cabo San Lucas Bay after lifting off from the back of a boat, either single or tandem. Cabo Expeditions (

Pirate Ships and Party Boats


Like the sunset cruises, the Los Cabos party boats are all about fun, fun, fun and ideal for bachelor and bachelorette soirees—or a family outing. They offer an always-exhilarating wild and boisterous time with DJ music, plenty of alcoholic beverages, and tasty appetizers aboard a classic pirate ship.

Buccaneer Queen (www.buccaneer, Cabo Legend (www


With three of the world’s most famous deep sea fishing tournaments held every October in Los Cabos, the  Baja Peninsula is the most incredible fishing area in North America. First time anglers and seasoned fishing professionals are guaranteed a memorable time in Los Cabos. Fishing charters can be obtained anywhere along the Marina. Silverados Sportfishing (www.silverado



The Sea of Cortés offers snorkeling tours at Santa María and Chileno Bay. It’s a fun opportunity to see the dizzying array of beautiful underwater sea life, hidden reefs, and 600 dazzling species of marine life—including eels, manta rays, puffers, angelfish, blowfish, and florescent fish.

Big Mike Sea Adventure (www.big, Buccaneer Queen (, Cabo Escape (www.wildcabotours .com), Caborey (, Cabo Sailing (, Eco Cat (, Pez Gato (, SunRider Tours (

Scuba Diving

The uninhabited Espíritu Santo Archipelago in La Paz is famous not only for scuba diving but also for snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking.

Cabo Expeditions (www.caboexpedi, SunRider Tours (www


Submarine Rides

A 60-foot semi-submersible yellow submarine takes guests underwater to witness the interesting underwater sea life. Great for all ages.

Cabo Expeditions (www.caboexpedi


The San José del Cabo Dolphin Discovery excursion remains a cherished and unforgettable activity for children and adults: wading and interacting with dolphins in their own saltwater cove. Professionally photographed memento images are immediately available at the end of this heart-warming experience. In Cabo San Lucas, Cabo Adventures offers the near identical activity at their Dolphin Center. Dolphin Discovery (

Bungee Jumping

For the thrill-seeking junkie in everyone, the 300-foot drop at Wild Canyon is enough excitement to satisfy the Evel Knievel in everyone. Pick up and return to resort service included. www.wildcanyon

Camel Rides


The family-friendly camel riding tour through El Tule oasis is especially designed for children. Small groups can pet, feed and interact with the gentle and friendly animals.

Off-Road Runners

The Honda 450 quad-runners available with Wild Canyon, and Amigos at Migriño Beach are a thrilling joyride of adventure, zooming around the rugged desert terrain, canyons, beaches and mountains; while following their professional guides.


Whether solo or in tandem, zip-lining from over scenic canyons is an unforgettably thrilling adventure.

Wild Canyon (www.wildcanyon