A Great Addition To Classic Mexican Tradition At Doña Gloria – LCM 52 Spring 2020

A Great Addition To Classic Mexican Tradition At Dona Gloria
By Fernando Rodríguez • photos by Elizabeth Hernández

The newest dining entrepreneur in the restaurant neighborhood of Miguel Hidalgo Street in Cabo San Lucas, is Doña Gloria by Mama’s Royal Cafe, which opened for business during dinner hours on October 1st, 2019. Once their kitchen was up and running, Doña Gloria’s offered their available year-round two for one pasta specials, and scrumptious combination plates that included salad, Rib-eye, lobster and shrimp, and T-bone, lobster and shrimp with salad.

For Thanksgiving, Doña Gloria’s, offered guests an amazing $21 USD traditional turkey dinner with all the fixings, and during Christmas; continued extending dinner specials with 15-20 % off everything on their affordably priced menu. The succulent appetizer selections at Doña Gloria include her to hard to find Sope’s, that are served 10 per order, as are the 10-piece fried quesadillas, and 10 mixed tacos plate. The restaurant’s traditional Mexican entree’s feature shredded beef, shrimp or lobster enchiladas coverd in a savory red sauce, chiles relleno, Fajitas, and crunchy chicken flautas taquitos; all served with rice, beans and freshly cut and prepared avocado guacamole.

The Molcajete Mexicano, is the single block gray stone bowl used as far back by pre-Hispanic Meso-American cultures, including the Aztec and Maya, which arrives sizzling hot, filled with carne asada beef, shrimp, chorizo, cheese, nopales cactus, onions, Mexican salsa, and is accompanied with rice and beans. Other delicious dish selections include the Arrachera steak, rib eye, pork ribs, T-bone, and chicken with mushroom cream sauce. One of two Doña Gloria’s Mexican combination plates consists of a Chile relleno, enchilada, quesadilla, a sope, and guacamole, with rice and beans. Their kids menu includes the standard hamburger and french fries, chicken or fish sticks, along with a spaghetti with meatballs option. The seafood options at Doña Gloria are limited to the tasty shrimp cooked however anyone chooses, and the breaded fish served with rice and vegetables, along with the roasted Huachinango zarandeado; known in English as the Northern California red snapper, cooked to perfection. During the winter and spring months, the Viva My Plaza art and music festivities occur every Friday evening in front of and along the street of Doña Gloria’s dining establishment, and only serves to add a refreshing vibe to an already enjoyable and fantastic dinner, at 15% off; where the friendly service is always, attentive and professional in both English and Spanish. Open from 4:00 – 11:00 PM.  All Major credit cards accepted. (624) 126-3709.