Cabo’s Wedding Professional – LCM 52 Spring 2020

Cabos Wedding Professional

When Chef Denis Gabriel arrived in Cabo San Lucas during 1995, he had little more in his pockets than spare change and a dream in his heart to make this vacation paradise his final home after traveling Europe fine tuning his extraordinary skills as an International Chef.

The savvy and culinary talented chef from France, soon started cooking for his neighbors in the upscale Pedregal residential gated community, which in turn, led to his catering parties, anniversaries, weddings and corporate events. A small business which eventually grew into the largest catering company in the Los Cabos area.

‘’Cabo has become one of the preferred destinations where people have chosen to hold their wedding,’’ said Denis Gabriel. ‘’As a chef, I take care of the menu, and Laura Ortiz, is our wedding coordinator with over 15-years of experience.’’ Since his arrival to Cabo San Lucas, more than two decades ago, Denni’s Catering, has planned and hosted well over a 1,000 weddings.

Denni’s Catering is a business dedicated to providing full service banquets. A small and large party task which includes and is not limited to providing the plates, tables, chairs, silverware, glassware and any other items needed for any and every special event; most specifically weddings. Their modest and roomy warehouse holds virtually any and every assortment of things needed for any degree of wedding or special event, from very modest, to the most extravagant imaginable.

The catering and wedding specialist provide their customers with various wedding packages that vary in cost and include everything from menu ingredients and styles like Italian, Mexican, and international food choices, as well as wait staff servers, live bands, deejays, transportation, and post nuptial party locations that include private beaches, rental houses, and exclusive ranch’s where noise is never an issue.

“We also prepare wedding cakes, and help them along the way in choosing the cake that is best to their liking,’’ said Laura Ortiz; adding that while many different agencies all play important roles in creating the perfect weeding, Denni’s Catering does it all and can easily be considered a ‘’one stop shop’’.

“A lot of people and couples specifically like that they can plan the entire wedding with one company and we are in the business of making every one of our customers as happy as possible, as the kind of business which handles everything and anything related to weddings and banquets exceptionally well,’’ added Denis Gabriel.

Denni’s Catering even handles securing and providing the wedding minister, or judge, to preside over the wedding, as well as the flower arrangements, while their experience makes catering the major part of their business. ‘’Most of the weddings in Los Cabos are generated from couples and families from the California and Texas states of America,’’ noted Chef Denis, while explaining that his catering business also handles post wedding day festivities like breakfast and/or Sunday brunch.

‘’In weddings past, we have served Mexican pozole, and birria, along with more traditional American favorites like pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns,’’ added wedding coordinator Laura Ortiz; who also emphasized the company’s capacity and history of hosting successfully corporate events during their 23 years in business. 

When it comes to weddings, Denni’s Catering has established a portfolio of happy and very satisfied bride and grooms who have planned their special day of nuptials and celebration with their company. Weddings have long been considered one of the most important days in their lives, according to young and older women alike. For many of them and their families, there is no day more stressful in organizing which includes everything from the guest list, invitations, photographer, music, location and food. And Denni’s Catering has handled it all to perfection over 1,000 times in their 15 years of wedding planning experience.        

Most of all weddings planned in Los Cabos, begin with an online internet search, while some occur from word of mouth and personal references, and therein, is where Denni’s Catering plans to expand their network of wedding planning services. By reaching out and spreading the cyberspace word of their professional wedding panning experience that is executed with a personal, intimate, caring and unforgettable touch.

‘’When we got married, we decided on our catering service four months before. After hearing advice from friends that Denni’s Catering. The staff, the food and the service was great; which was hosted at a nice house in Pedregal,’’ said Robert M of San Francisco, CA in a Tripadvisor comment.

Denni’s Catering has been listed one of the Top 10 catering businesses in Los Cabos with Tripadvisor and on Yelp. TripAdvisor, and Yelp are American travel and restaurant website companies that publish hotel and restaurant reviews, accommodation bookings and other travel-related content. TripAdvisor is the largest “social travel website” in the world, with about 500 million reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses.

No two weddings are completely alike and Denni’s Catering approaches each and every one with the most professional care and attention to detail. An aspect of their business which has attained and maintained their stellar reputation within the Cabo San Lucas wedding planning community as one of the better options when deciding who to plan a great wedding with.

For more information or too book and plan your own wedding please contact  Laura Ortiz at their office number +52 (624) 143-0449 or Chef Denis Gabriel cell phone # (624) 141-6755 and or via email or by visiting their website https://www.dennisca