Another magician behind Nicksan’s kitchen: Edie Carbajal – LCM 53 Fall 2021

Another magician behind Nicksan’s kitchen: Edie Carbajal

When we hear the word “Nicksan” what pops immediately into our mind are three things: Japanese cuisine with mexican ingredients, iconic restaurant in Los Cabos and of course it’s star chef Ángel Carbajal.

Very few people know that at the beginning of Nicksan’s creation, there was a person trained hands-on by Ángel Carbajal. As of today, he has continued to show dedication to one of the most importanat restaurants in our destination.

Edgar, better known as “Edie” Carbajal has been present since the adventure started.

But who is Edie? And for him, what is Nicksan?

Edie is Nicksan’s executive chef! He still remembers his first performance as part of the service team and how little by little one day, he entered to the kitchen and knives world.

He describes the restaurant with a certain sparkle in his eyes; it’s a place of timeless harmony, customers will enjoy a private moment or quite the opposite a unique gastronomic show! He strongly believes that the relationship between kitchen, ambience and customer service will always be the key for success; it will forever cause magic!

What he likes the most about Palmilla’s location is the breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean; his favorite thing about Nicksan Cabo is its casual atmosphere that fills the room with laughter, fun and desire to spend an amazing time.

That feeling when he enters into the kitchen and becomes the person in charge; the most important thing for Edie is the client satisfaction after tasting Nicksan’s memorable dishes, that’s his inspiration fuel for constant creation. Good communication between the team members is an essential tool to achieve and maintain our legendary Nicksan quote “Exceeding your expecations”.

Family is his biggest inspiration! In his spare time, he enjoys exploring Los Cabos. But, when he enters the kitchen he let’s his mind blow. For Edie working with Ángel represents a challenge and a degree of perfection, he has a huge motivation to grow as a chef and balance will allow him to keep that culinary show.

“Since its creation, our family has masterfully balanced the art of traditional Japanese cuisine with the original flavors of Mexico.” Edie Carbajal