Daikoku Japanese Restaurant

One can envision being in a garden in Japan when visiting the unique Daikoku Japanese Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas. Once your car is whisked away by the valet and you cross the bridge over the koi fishpond, you feel you are somewhere far away from México; this is where East meets México.



A bougainvillea tree has been shaped into a bonsai dwarf sprouting blossoms of peach and white, likened to a cherry blossom. A wooden paddle wheel gives a soothing whooshing sound of water. For seating, choose either the air-conditioned dining room with a glass floor showcasing a Zen garden below, or the Japanese garden that has been lovingly tended by the owner.

During our visit to Daikoku Restaurant, we migrate toward one of two teppanyaki tables and decide to dine alfresco. We are seated in front of a spotless stainless steel table that seats six; we’re then offered beverages. It is almost sacrilegious to not have sake, but there are other choices of wine, Japanese beer, and the usual cocktails. We choose a cool sparkling wine that goes well with our choice of grilled items, like rib eye and shrimp with vegetables (another popular choice is a mixture of shrimp, fish, beef, salmon, and chicken).