Médano and Mango Deck -LCM 2022


Médano and Mango Deck

Writer: Víctor Suárez

Photography: Dario Orrico

Médano is the main safe swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas and the most popular. It begins at the east side of the harbor and extends along Cabo San Lucas Bay to Villa del Palmar. Here, hotels, bars, and restaurants compete for space, offering all the goods most people come to expect from a prime tourist destination. You could spend all day at the beach and still not have done half of the things offered.

In Cabo San Lucas all roads lead to the same place, towards the same beach.

A blue abyss dwarfs us all, and lures us, no matter how far we are. We All Walk Into the Sea. 

To Médano.

Without realizing it we are drawn to the water, tourists and locals all walk the same.
And Médano welcomes us all.

I saw a group of kids diving into the sea as if their life depended on it. I saw their mom running in panic behind them. 

I saw a man with silver hair slowly piercing the sand with a metal cane, sitting beneath the sun, surrounded by his family.

I saw a group of beautiful women walking along the shore with no worries but for their next selfie.

I saw an old lady selling churros, gringos love Mexican churros. I saw people take the churros back to the tier table and accompany them with a pina colada.

Walking in Médano I saw Los Cabos.

Mango Deck

Where to go once you are done walking? Once the path has led you to the shore on a day that has just begun.

It is a landmark on its own, an overwhelming presence in a crowded place, claiming your attention, setting the tone, making Médano a different place. As you walk closer to Mango Deck, you get closer to a neverending party. 

Mango Deck is a Bar Restaurant that focuses on bringing entertainment to locals and tourists alike. Set in the heart of Médano beach, is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, and offers a vast variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinners comprising both Mexican and American favorites, local seafood, and innovative sushi. Drinks are served all day and are accompanied by constant games, activities, and a perfect view of Cabo San Lucas’ Bay.

Stepping into Mango Deck is seeing Médano from inside, is to be part of the collage of people, to get lost in the music and the unfiltered need to let go of yourself.

The picture that comes to mind when you think of parties and spring break, of games and drinks, a memory fresh in your head that is yet to be made. Mango Deck is where all that noise is coming from.

… You could spend all day at the beach and still not have done half of the things offered.

Do you want to ride a jet ski? 
   Have you let the ocean waves sway you?
Did you get a boat ride to see the arch?
   Have you sit to feel the sand in your toes as you let the sun dry you?
Have you walked into the waves and swam in the saltwater?
   Have you stoped to watch the sunset?

You can do anything in Médano, and that includes doing nothing.

Just keep walking.

Past the constant noise of rushed relaxation, Médano keeps going. As you walk alongside its shore the face of Médano changes in front of you, its look becomes one of calm and simplicity, of contemplation and discovery. Wonder and reflection.

Just keep walking.

As you distance yourself from the never-ending party, you hear the silence slowly and relentlessly eating the world around you, surrounding you. As you face the arch you witness the beach from afar, through the distance you see Los Cabos. A toy-like landscape, a zoomed-out painting, a bottled memory. 

Your path has led you to the beach.

Just keep walking.