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New Digital Platform Available

New Digital Platform Available for Los Cabos Magazine   We now have a second digital platform to use to read our Los Cabos Magazine. The following link will take you to our new PageTurnPro digital edition. http://www.pageturnpro.com/Los-Cabos-Magazines/89900-Los-Cabos-Magazine-50-Winter-2019/flex.html   We hope you enjoy this new feature.

Nick-San – LCM 45 Winter 2017

You have to try Nick-San more than once. This is not only the best sushi and sake that Los Cabos has to offer, but you get to enjoy it in a beautiful setting right here in México. This is your chance to taste and explore the vastness and richness of Japanese cuisine and to appreciate the uniqueness of what Nick-San brings to Japanese food—Mexican ingredients and innovative twists.

Nick-San Palmilla – LCM 45 Winter 2017

On our last trip to Nick-San Palmilla, we started with a Champagne cocktail from the Champagne Bar at the Garden to get ourselves into the ambience. The chef sent an amuse bouche of whitefish sashimi served with truffle oil. And we continued with a jicama tartar made of seabass, jicama, chasoba, and a refreshing citrus dressing. Try this dish with the house sauvignon blanc so you will be able to appreciate even more the fruity sides of the wine and of the dressing as well.