Eat Your Veggies – LCM 48 Fall 2017

Eat Your Veggies There’s nothing boring about these vegetarian dishes By Sandra  A.  Berry     Vegetarianism has been practiced since ancient times, but gone are the days of boring, predictable dishes. Today’s vegetarian menu options—especially in Los Cabos—go beyond steamed vegetables, brown rice, lentils,… Read More

Bounty of the Sea – LCM 46 Spring 2017

Bounty of the Sea Los Cabos is nearly surrounded by water, and the seafood options here are spectacular
On any given day, the Cabo San Lucas marina buzzes to life as early as 5 a.m. Fishermen from all walks of life and in all makes and styles of seacraft—from pangas to charter boats—take to the open sea in search of dinner, a sufficient catch to sell, or for a trophy.