Arre Mango – LCM 45 Winter 2017

The youngest member of the Mango family of restaurants, Arre Mango has made a name for itself as the hottest karaoke bar in Los Cabos. It brings with it the high-octane fun that has become a signature of sister spots Mango Deck and Mango Cantina, as well as a monster lineup of karaoke songs in English and Spanish. Never one to rest on its laurels, Arre Mango continues to up its game.

Arre Mango – Los Cabos Magazine #35

Nightly promotions, a karaoke catalog that includes more than 100,000 songs in English and Spanish, and an excellent pedigree—sister restaurants include Mango Deck and Mango Cantina—make Arre Mango a can’t-miss destination. Imagine Médano Beach’s festive party vibe in downtown Cabo San Lucas. Come early to… Read More