Ruta Gastronómica of San José del Cabo

2015 San José del Cabo Food Tour—or Ruta Gastrónomica—Kicks Off

By Francisco Tesisteco

Enrique Turqot, president of the hotel association.
Enrique Turcott, president of the hotel association.

The popular San José del Cabo food tour, known locally as “Ruta Gastrónomica, held its annual grand opening in the historic downtown center on Friday, January 23, with an event especially for media, hotel concierges, Enrique Turcott, president of the hotel association of Los Cabos and government officials. Several well-known faces attended, including Enrique Turcott, the new president of the hotel association who is betting that these events will help speed up the economic recovery of the area.

The food tour invites visitors and locals to enjoy various activities in the city’s historic downtown. These range from Tuesday tastings, Thursday art walks, Sal y Música on Fridays, and special deals for locals on Saturdays.

These different activities are intended to give people yet another reason to visit historic San José del Cabo and its beautiful center. It’s open to the public every day, and especially popular to visit on Tuesdays, when guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines in the many restaurants’ different settings—a great way to pick a restaurant for future visits.

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