In Case of Emergency

Tips on what to do and where to go should an emergency–big or small–transpire during your vacation

By Sandra A. Berry

It’s bad enough when you experience a medical emergency while you’re at home, but if you’re traveling—especially outside the country—a medical emergency can take on a life of its own. amerimedThere’s no reason to let a small—or even midsize—medical hiccup get in the way of an extraordinary vacation.

If and when an emergency arises, don’t panic. We have the resources here to handle everything from an allergic reaction to major surgery. For immediate assistance, dial 0-6-6. This is like 9-1-1 in the United States. Most hotels work with concierge doctors. Additionally, the Tourist Police can be reached at (624) 143-3977. Prepare for the unexpected, and, should anything happen, you’ll have an interesting story to share with friends.

Here’s an example: A friend of mine was visiting for a week prior to the holidays. We were invited to attend an elegant reception for some dignitaries arriving for a concert. All of a sudden she was bent over, looking for the veneer that had come off her front tooth while enjoying the canapés. Fortunately, she found it, but she could not smile without showing the gap in her teeth. The following morning, a Saturday, no less, we were at Dr. Martha Cruz’s dental office, thanks to a referral from a friend. Within two hours, we were back out enjoying the sights of Los Cabos.

Many restaurants are now in the habit of asking whether anyone in the party has allergies. Timing can be everything in an emergency and experiencing an allergic reaction to an unknown ingredient such as peanuts, shellfish, or even insect stings needs immediate medical attention. But, if that should happen, whom do you call?blue_hospital

Got the kids with you? Every parent knows the possibility of foreign objects being inserted in children’s noses or ear, especially those under the age of 5. Marbles, beans, small toys or insects can cause discomfort or pain and possible harm. When it’s your child, it’s especially daunting. You want to enjoy the many activities offered in Los Cabos: parasailing, canoeing, zip lining, fishing, but you didn’t expect to end up with a broken arm, or a fishhook in your hand. Accidents happen, no matter where you are.

Los Cabos is proud of its medical facilities. There are skilled, qualified, and trained medical professionals, and you’ll be glad to know most speak English. Here is a list of medical specialists and facilities for your reference. The list includes not only medical providers but also information about their areas of specialty.

Amerimed Hospital
Boulevard Lázaro Cárdenas, Cabo San Lucas
(624) 105-8500:

Amerimed Hospital
Páseo de la Misiones, San José del Cabo
(624) 105-8550;

Jorge Ignacio Arciga González
Dentistry, Cabo San Lucas
(624) 143-0520;

Alvaro U. Atilano Reynoso
General medicine, surgeon, Amerimed, Cabo San Lucas

(624) 105-0044, Cell: (624) 122-2028;

Arturo A. Andrade Aguilar
General medicine, surgeon, Amerimed, Cabo San Lucas
(624) 105-0044;

Roberto J. Altamira González


Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-0579

Blue Net Hospitals

Km 6.5 on Tourist Corridor

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 104-3911

Karyn Brode

SkyMed Medical

(624) 178-0462

Humberto Cantu


Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-0584

Martha A. Cruz Arredondo


Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-3340

Paulino Davo

General director for HMAS

(551) 474-8381

Javier Escamilla

Orthopedic surgery

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-0575

Dione Beatriz Hernandez Rosales


San José del Cabo

(624) 143-0584

Hospital H+ Los Cabos

Km 24.5 on Tourist Corridor

Cerro Colorado,

San Jose del Cabo

(624) 104-9300

Alfonso Jurado

Walk-in clinic

San José del Cabo

(624) 130-7011

Luis Landeros

Ear, nose, and throat

San José del Cabo

(624) 105-8570

Miguel Lechuga and

Fausto M. Lechuga


Km 6.5 on Tourist Corridor

(624) 104-3910

Roberto Leon

Ear, nose, and throat

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 105-1402

Sara A. Magallanes Jordan


Cabo San Lucas

(624) 195-3030

Jose Luis S. Musi

Emergency medicine and house calls

San José del Cabo

(624) 122-4814

Maria del Carmen Ocampo


Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-7976

One World Hospital

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-4911


Pedro Ortiz Garcia

Endodontist dental surgeon

San José del Cabo

(624) 142-6400

Daniel Rodriguez

Interventional cardiologist

Amerimed Medical Offices,

Lazaro Cardenas, Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-0130

Rafael Gerardo Romero Flores

Cornea and Refractive Surgery

(624) 141-7402

Alejandro Velderrain


San José del Cabo

(624) 142-3031


Elena Velderrain

Obstetrics gynecology

San José del Cabo

(624) 142-3031


Rosalba Yanez


Leona Vicario 2906-5

Cabo San Lucas

(624) 143-8781