The Getaway

Local and federal goverments are working closely to ensure Los Cabos and its famous landmarks—like Land’s End—stay safe By Fernando Rodriguez   While much of México continues to battle issues—real and perceived—Los Cabos has remained a safe retreat for families, dignitaries, celebrities, and the people… Read More

In Case of Emergency

Tips on what to do and where to go should an emergency–big or small–transpire during your vacation By Sandra A. Berry It’s bad enough when you experience a medical emergency while you’re at home, but if you’re traveling—especially outside the country—a medical emergency can take… Read More

Safe and Secure Los Cabos

What does the latest U.S. State Department travel warning mean for Los Cabos visitors? By Chris sands Isn’t it dangerous down there? It’s an innocent question, but one those of us who live here are tired of hearing. The Baja Peninsula, and more specifically this state… Read More

Safety Matters

Security expert Louis Perry shares his tips for having a fantastic trip, wherever your travels may take you By Louis Perry Whenever you vacation—regardless of the destination—remember to pack your commonsense. Reports of violence in other parts of México have caused some travelers to rethink… Read More

Cabo Strong

Los Cabos and its residents demonstrate resiliency following Hurricane Odile By Chris Sands Anyone who has ever visited Baja California Sur would agree that it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Verdant mountains tower above sparse desert-like landscapes. Long stretches of golden… Read More

Safe Travels

There’s never been a better time to visit Los Cabos By Ashley Alvarado Is it safe?” Whether you’re a frequent visitor to México or a first-timer, it’s a question you’ve likely heard. News reports and prime-time plotlines are filled with stories about the cartel-related violence… Read More

The Vacation Emancipation

Five tips for ensuring you look rested post trip By Ashley Alvarado Vacations are not for the faint of heart. Deciding where to go and how to get there—let alone what to do once you’re there—can be exhausting. According to a recent survey, nearly 60… Read More

Beyond the Headlines

Los Cabos remains safe travel destination – Los Cabos Magazine Issue #33 There is no denying it: The headlines are startling. In recent years, deadly cartel violence and corruption have taken center stage in México, eclipsing the allure of many of its historic cities and… Read More

Safe Travels

Safe Travels. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #30. Fall 2012. What do celebrities, officials, and frequent visitors have to say about Los Cabos? How safe is it to vacation in Los Cabos? Just look to the stars for an answer. No, not those twinkling brightly in… Read More