Sit Back & Relax

The evolution of Los Cabos spas We are living in a digital age. Everything is changing, and the everyday increasingly looks like Tomorrow Land. As a rule, cars no longer require keys, books no longer come with pages, and there’s no need to whip out… Read More

Body Art

Before you decide on boasting a permament or a henna tatto, you may want to know this. By Kistin Frieze. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #19 Winter 2009. Be it due to the excessive flow of alcohol or simply the inspiring, perhaps for some exotic surroundings,… Read More

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Some cardiovascular workouts are almost automatic while you’re on vacation here in Los Cabos. By Lauren Glenn. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #19 Winter 2009. Is it possible to enjoy México’s delicious cuisines and tropical drinks without boarding your flight back home ten pounds heavier than… Read More

Special Report

Staying Healthy in Los Cabos, By Sandara Berry, Los Cabos Magazine – Issue #15 – Winter 2008. Whether on vacation or residing in Los Cabos, health care is of utmost importance. Because of the influx of foreigners drawn to this Baja destination, the medical sector… Read More