The Iconic Mexican Rebozo

One of the most traditional emblems of a true Mexicana is the rebozo. By Sandra Berry. Los Cabos Magazine Issue # 19 Winter 2009. A traditional icon of Mexican dress is the “rebozo,” a 500-year old cultural symbol that is alive and well today. In… Read More

A Shopping Extravaganza

In Cabo San Lucas you can find treasures at prices you can’t find back home. By Sandra Berry. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #19 Winter 2009. Bringing home a bottle of special perfume or a liter of liquor has long been a tradition for visitors returning… Read More

Holiday Gifts Ideas

If you ever thought jewelry is “the same old gift,” think again. By Sandra Berry. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #18 Fall 2008. Whether you are the giver or the receiver, Los Cabos is the place you want to be for the holidays. Feed your fantasies… Read More

Beach Accesories

Beauty may come from within, but the outside can look pretty great, too. By Kirstin Frieze. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #17 Summer 2008. Bathing suit shopping is a mandatory task before heading off on your beach vacation, unless, of course, your destination is the fabled… Read More

Swimsuits For Every Body

We come in every shape and size, so what about our swimsuits? By Sandra Berry. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #17 Summer 2008. Summer’s here, ready or not! Time to assess your swimsuit wardrobe and decide what stays and what goes. If it’s clear that you’ll… Read More

Resort Style: The Versatile Cotton

It’s versatile, cool, and stylish. No wonder it’s a favorite in Los Cabos! By Sandra Berry. Los Cabos Magazine Issue #16 Spring 2008 Cotton is king in Cabo. The all-natural fabric is a cool product for hot weather, suitable for tropical and semi-arid climates such… Read More

Baja Essence

Baja Essence, By Kirstin Frieze, Los Cabos Magazine Issue #15 Winter 2007. So, you’ve traveled all around México, or at least to a few of its resort towns, and picked up some souvenirs and other trinkets sold on the beaches and in corner shops. You… Read More

Style: Fine Jewels

Fine Jewels, By Sandra Berry, Los Cabos Magzine Issue #15, Winter 2007 Gemstones have been around for thousands of years. Some are touted to be seductive. Some are thought to bring about good feelings, solve depression, and even promise a happy marriage. Gemstones are nature’s… Read More

Stoking Stuffers

Cabo-Style Gifts for Everyone on Your List, By Sandra Berry, Los Cabos Magazine – Issue #14 – Fall 2007. An essential part of celebrating Christmas is the Christmas stocking. Every culture has its own version of how the tradition of filling stockings started. Visitors to… Read More