Peak Cabo – LCM 49 Spring 2018

Peak Cabo

It’s the busiest time of the year in Los Cabos, and here are 5 activities you can’t miss

By Beto Haro

The whales are jumping, the bars are hopping, and all of Los Cabos is alive with the excitement of early spring. With the region’s overabundance of activities, restaurants, spas, and clubs, deciding where to focus your attention can feel like a having to choose a favorite child or—more challenging—just one Netflix show to binge. That’s why we are here to narrow the field to five must-do activities that will help you experience peak Cabo.


You can’t visit Los Cabos in early spring without at least one whale watching adventure.

Whale Watching


You’ll find a complete guide to whale watching on page 54. But we can’t stress enough how incredible it is to experience the majesty of whale watching against a backdrop of Los Cabos scenery. During your time here, expect to see humpbacks, orcas, and gray whales. As a former whale guide, let me give you this pro tip: Once you’ve gotten a few good shots, put that camera down. Focusing all your attention on getting the perfect pic means you miss out on the thrill of living in the moment and the excitement of watching the unique acrobatics of the humpbacks.


Lover’s Beach.

Beach Hopping


Los Cabos has its share of iconic beaches: Lover’s, Médano, Divorce—to name a few. But there are plenty of shorelines worthy of your attention. Once you’ve made the requisite visits to Land’s End and spots like SUR Beach House, plan a day to venture farther out. Chileno offers modern amenities and primo snorkeling conditions. Cerritos is a surfer’s paradise. And Cabo Pulmo, while a much longer drive away, is a must-visit destination for divers. Learn more about beaches in “The 5 Cabo Beaches You Have to Visit Right Now,” page 64, or visit www.cabosanlucas


Club Crawl


With Médano Beach only steps away from the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas, it’s easy to navigate between the shoreline strip of beach clubs (think Mango Deck, the Office, and Tabasco) and spots like Cabo Wabo, El Squid Roe, and Mandala. For the ultimate Cabo experience, start your adventures during the day and seamlessly transition into nighttime fun. (Remember to stay hydrated.)


Silverados Sportfishing



This is the marlin capital of the world and home to some of the biggest, most competitive tournaments in the hemisphere. Whether you’re an expert angler or angling for a new experience, you’ll find charter options and captains to help guide you to the best spots to fish—and the best fish to catch depending on the timing of your visit. Among our favorite charters is the award-winning Silverados Sportfishing (, which has been operating for more than a quarter century.


shrimp ceviche at Eco Bar

Seafood, Seafood, and More Seafood


You can’t come to Los Cabos without exploring the incredible seafood options. Many restaurants offer lobster specials (always a good idea) and fish tacos (always a great idea), but don’t pass up the chance to try chocolate clams (named for their color, not their flavor). These meaty mollusks are best enjoyed raw, topped with lime, hot sauce, and your favorite condiments (I add ketchup).  Y