Talk of the Town – Issue 41

Pitahayas Marks 20 Years The iconic Tourist Corridor restaurant Pitahayas celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 27 with a luxurious private event. Those in attendance included Mexican actors, producers, investors, and tourism representatives from Los Cabos.  It was a very enjoyable party, where they also… Read More

In with the New

At Romeo & Julieta, chef Matias Forte marries traditions new and old By Sandra A. Berry It is early afternoon, and the restaurant’s quiet. But that’s not to say there isn’t any activity: The waitstaff bustles about, setting tables with white linens, tinkling glassware, and… Read More

Fun with Fido

How to enjoy Los Cabos with man’s best friend By Chris Sands   Los Cabos is not only a popular resort destination for romantic getaways and world-class fishing and golf excursions, but it’s also a wonderful spot for leisurely vacations with friends and family. And… Read More

The Getaway

Local and federal goverments are working closely to ensure Los Cabos and its famous landmarks—like Land’s End—stay safe By Fernando Rodriguez   While much of México continues to battle issues—real and perceived—Los Cabos has remained a safe retreat for families, dignitaries, celebrities, and the people… Read More