John’s Place Debuts New Features – LCM 50 Winter 2019

John’s Place Debuts New Features

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Just when you think John’s Place can’t get any better, the downtown favorite goes and adds sushi to the menu! Among the new items on the menu are the crispy John’s Roll and tuna sashimi.

Of course, that’s not all owner Daniel Palomino and his wife, Magda, have done this fall, a time of year when many restaurants turn their attention to renovations. Visit the open-air spot this fall and winter to enjoy its brand-new outdoor grill is where you’ll get to dine on late-night, wallet-friendly street tacos (think al pastor and carne asada). John’s Place used to close at 11 p.m.; it’ll now extend hours to 2 a.m. on some nights.

The bar will also stay open late till 2 a.m., serving all the beers and alcoholic beverages you could imagine. What’s even better is the price point: Domestic and imported regularly run only $3 U.S. here, but John’s Place also offers a two-for-one special that knocks that price down to $1.50 U.S. The two-for-one deal extends to margaritas; so sip quickly on the quintessential México cocktail, which here comes in strawberry, mango, and lemon.

Baja Peppers fans will be happy to know that chef Sergio Salgado Nava recently joined the John’s Place team. The lunch and dinner menus were already packed with delicious entrées, but he’s managed to bring even more flavor to its famous two-for-one pasta plates, the succulent all-you-can-eat pork ribs, and the “Real Deal” breakfast choice that consists of scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, toast, and mixed fruit for only $4.50 U.S.

‘‘Before we came to Cabo, one of our friend’s raved about how good the food was at John’s Place was, and he told us about how affordable the prices were. Once we arrived, we went to see for ourselves and would definitely recommend John’s Place to everyone we know that might vacation here soon,’’ says Rita Guerrero Hernandez of Ceres, California. She adds, ‘‘We have so enjoyed our second visit to Cabo and really like the fun, happy vibe at John’s Place, with their friendly service and the rock-bottom menu prices.’’

The Palomino family restaurant has been at its popular location since it first opened in 2014. The corner spot has a devout following of Los Cabos residents, who appreciate the delectable breakfast, tasty lunches, and delicious dinner options as well as the nice, affordable menu item prices.

‘‘Before we recently moved, when I used to work across the street at our real estate offices, I would stop in here at least three times a week,’’ says Marty Ochoa, who originally hails from Orange County, California, and has lived in Cabo San Lucas since 2009. ‘‘I’ve had everything from their tortilla soup, clam chowder, flank steak with mushrooms and baked potato, shrimp scampi, the chicken enchiladas, chicken molé poblano, shrimp ceviche, the deluxe burger with fries, and the Willard club sandwich on several occasions.’’

John’s Place is located at the northeast corner of Marina Paseo Boulevard and Vicente Guerrero Street, in front of Tesoro Hotel. All major credit cards accepted. Open from 7 a.m.–2 a.m. daily For more information, please visit or call (624) 105-0381.
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