Letter From The Publisher – LCM 52 Spring 2020

Letter From The Publisher

Dear readers,

As I have tirelessly continued working for 25 years to promote the beauty of this vacation paradise destination, which has seen the growth and addition of more restaurants, more splendid hotels, more magical cultural events and more fun and exciting memorable activities to indulge in; I am looking forward to what this 52nd edition offers our readers and everyone at large.

In this issue, we discover the beauty of our peninsula, where once again, our friends the whales, return to share in their splendid ocean dances that splash their announcement of their arrival at our wonderful and spectacular destination.

Los Cabos, is assuredly a perfect place to plan that wedding of your dreams (pg. 24), a place where you will discover the scope of its crafts (Pg. 28), the great and magical treasures of Mexico (Pg. 36) and where visitors enjoy the great experience of seeing our impressive whales.

LCM once again offers you the wonderful opportunities of exploring its activities with our already famous directory (Pg. 56) and enjoying the best of its traditional and innovative delectable foods (Pg. 64).

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