The Finest Flavors of Baja – LCM 52 Spring 2020

The Finest Flavors of Baja
Sabor A Cabo Food Festival and Concert
By Fernando Rodríguez • Photos by Daniel Jireh

During its 14 years in existence, Sabor A Cabo has become the most dynamic and popular Southern Baja California Region’s culinary celebration; in which local ingredients, famous chefs, well known restaurants, and preeminent wine houses all merge into one sophisticated, fun-filled evening, capped by the maquee live performance of such popular artsists as the Mexican Rock & Roll band, MANA (2012), La Ley (2014) and 2015 Grammy award-winning singer Lila Downs. Lila Downs, along with Miguel Bose (2017), Alejandro Sanz (2018) and Ana Torroja (2019) from Spain, as well as Colombian singer and songwriter, Maluma.

The delicious entrees served at Sabor A Cabo consist of a dizzying array of delectable dishes produced by over 60 different chef’s, restaurants, and dining establishments; which showcase some of the best recipes from their very own unique styles of Mexican, Asian, American, Italian, fusion and International creations. The distinguished Sabor A Cabo Food Festival brings together more than 3,000 people for an unforgettable night of tasty dishes. Sabor A Cabo has become a galactic gastronomic gathering that ends with a spectacular concert. that benefits the Red Cross, Los Cabos Firefighters and The Los Cabos Children Foundation.

‘’Our destination has a rich and booming culinary scene that many people are still discovering. Events such as Sabor A Cabo highlight these offerings and provide us with a platform to position the unique products, sustainable brands and delicious flavors available in this particular region of Mexico.” said Eduardo Segura, Managing Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board.

Sabor A Cabo Rural 2019 was held at the Sol de Mayo Ecological Ranch on December 8, 2019.  Sol de Mayo Ecological Ranch is located in the mountainous area pueblo of Santiago, an hour and a half or 62 miles away from Cabo San Lucas. ‘’It is a lively cultural event, with historical tradition and original local products, techniques and procedures based on corn, chili and beans. Mexico is one of the few centers for cultivated plants, of which there are only eight in the entire planet. About 600 different dishes have been documented using corn in Mexico.’’ said  Carmen Carbajal, founding partner of Sabor A Cabo and president of Sabor A Cabo Rural.

The territory of Baja California Sur is characterized as a coastal territory, with products from the sea as the favorites to use in the preparation of different recipes. Each area of the peninsula has its regional dishes. In the central rural areas, red meat dishes stand out because livestock is one of their main economy-driven products. The geographical formation of the peninsula is 300 million years old.