Pancho’s Restaurant – LCM 54 Summer 2021

Restaurant Pancho’s & Tequila Bar.

Birthed as a Taquería, here where it stands since 1989.

Customers walk in and ask for Fernando Rodriguez who’s been here 30 years, José “Pepe Tequila” whos been around for 26 years, JJ who retired after 20, they ask for Samuel, Juan Carlos, Santos, Reyes, and Chef Petra, who lovingly cooked her recipes at Pancho’s for 30 years.

Late Chef Petra’s memory is well in the heart of Pancho’s, her recipes and tradition inherited to Chef Faustino, who cooked next to her for 20 years, keeps the love alive and well.

Many come year after year, others come and go bringing back memories. Men reminisce about coming with their parents when they were boys. Others come for the 370 labels of tequila collected over the past 28 years.

At Pancho’s Tequila isn’t served as a shot, it’s served in a crystal glass, no salt, no lemon. Inhale, sip it, savor, swallow and exhale.

Tequila at Pancho’s is about sharing an experience.

Pancho’s is about family.