The Q&A, Real Estate – LCM 46 Spring 2017

The Q&A
Everything you never knew you needed to know about
The Q&A, Real Estate – LCM 46 Spring 2017As a realtor here in Los Cabos, I’m frequently answering questions, and that’s a very good thing. Before you can make an intelligent and safe decision about buying a property in México—or anywhere, for that matter—you need to educate yourself about the differences in real estate laws and practices.

Outside the Box – LCM #45 Winter 2017

Outside the Box – Real estate veteran Carol S. Billups explores some unexpected finds in Los Cabos.
Outside the Box – LCM #45 Winter 2017Loyal Los Cabos readers know there’s great diversity among the region’s real estate listings. But this abundance of options goes beyond golf or beach views, one story or two. Here we highlight three exciting options: a high-tech smart house, a fixer-upper, and an unplugged oasis.