The Vacation Emancipation

Five tips for ensuring you look rested post trip By Ashley Alvarado

spas02Vacations are not for the faint of heart. Deciding where to go and how to get there—let alone what to do once you’re there—can be exhausting. According to a recent survey, nearly 60 percent of respondents said vacations did nothing to relieve their stress. And more than a quarter of the people reported feeling even more exhausted following a break from work. We at Los Cabos Magazine want to help reverse that trend.

Here, you’ll find five things you can do to ensure you look and feel rested post vacation. We want to know: Do you have tips to ease post-vacation fatigue? Share them with us on Facebook ( bosmagazine).


Researching your travel plans ahead of time can allow you to minimize stress and maximize that post-vacation glow. Investing some time and energy into reviewing your travel options can pay dividends. The last thing you want is to have an excellent week marred by a difficult last day of travel, particularly if it could have been avoided. A Google search can help you identify the busiest days at your home airport—this is especially important when you factor in the time you’ll be waiting at Immigration and Customs—as well as the airlines with the best on-time performance. is another good source for such information. As a veteran of the Los Cabos–Los Angeles flight route, I can vouch for the fact that Sunday evenings at LAX are the worst.

Depending on how much time you have before your next trip, consider applying for Global Entry (, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows for expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers. Membership in this program will get you through checkpoints faster when returning from another country, and it qualifies you for the Transportation Security Administration’s expedited screening initiative. I refer to my Global Entry card as my “immigration and TSA fast-pass.”


Due diligence can also help you reduce expenses and, by extension, stress. You don’t have to spend like a king to get the royal treatment in Los Cabos. Finding good deals means you can splurge on those items or activities you most want. There are several great ways to save during your trip. The Los Cabos Magazine Prepaid Voucher Program (www.loscabos allows you to save 35 to 50 percent with select businesses, including restaurants, spas, hotels, tour companies, rental car agencies, and more. Search popular review sites like TripAdvisor for companies you’d like to try out then head directly to their Facebook pages. Several businesses have social media–only discounts and/or feature their best deals on these pages.


Prioritize the activities you want to do and the beaches and restaurants you just have to visit, and then schedule them for the first half of your vacation—as long as this does not overwhelm you. Los Cabos and the surrounding region are replete with must-visit beaches, must-do activities, and must-eat dishes that can easily distract you from what you most wanted to accomplish. By front-loading your vacation, you free yourself up to enjoy these surprises without scrambling or having to give anything else up. And, should you not find anything else you just have to do, you can always relax by a pool or on a beach.


There’s another big reason that vacations just don’t seem as rejuvenating as they used to: the Internet. A Talent Management Magazine survey revealed that more than half of U.S. employees expect to work over their summer vacations. According to another survey, this one conducted by Fierce, Inc., some 41.6 percent of people check in with the office at least once every other day while on vacation. Only 1 in 4 vacationers, according to the survey, completely turn off work mode and have zero contact with the office.


We can tell you not to overdo it, but we’ve all been guilty of pushing ourselves too hard at work and on vacation at some point. That said, there are things you can do to ensure you’re not doing any real damage to yourself while on vacation. If you’re planning to partake of Los Cabos’ world-famous nightlife or booze cruises, remember to eat something beforehand. Food helps reduce the formation of acetaldehyde in your stomach; this is the substance thought to cause hangovers. You’ll also want to pop some vitamins, which your body needs when metabolizing alcohol. B complex, B6, and B12 help the liver; alcohol destroys B vitamins. The old standby suggestion of sticking to one type of alcohol only is something we’ll echo, while also adding that you should be sure to alternate the alcoholic drinks with water: When you avoid dehydration, you lessen your chances of experiencing dizziness and hangovers. Knowing your limits and continuing to drink water afterward are two more essential steps in taking care of yourself.

spasAnd if you’ll be spending time in the sun, slather on a sunscreen that protects against UV-A and UV-B radiation 15 minutes before exposure. You’ll want to reapply 15 minutes after exposure and throughout the day, especially if you’re swimming or on the water. Several spas offer end-of-vacation treatments or ones that are ideal for just that. A morning massage and treatment on your last day in Los Cabos can be the perfect send-off and set the mood for a relaxed trip home. Check out Spa Cielo (, Wyndham’s Aura Spa (, and Mar Adentro Spa & Wellness Clinic ( to review their treatment menus. The Solar Exposure Rescue Wrap at Spa Oasis ( incorporates marine algae to soothe sunburns or dehydrated skin. For an added treat, request the Citrus Supreme at ME Cabo’s Yhi Spa ( The 120-minute treatment includes a full-body exfoliation, facial, and massage using Natura Bissé products. “People we see are often dealing with dehydration for various reasons and a lot of sun exposure,” says spa manager Ricardo Adame, who recommends the treatment for either the beginning or end of visitors’ trips. A good exfoliation is required in order to achieve the perfect tan, and the treatment—rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C—helps replenish the skin after significant sun exposure, leaving you glowing. Be sure to arrive early to enjoy the Jacuzzi, waterfall, and other spa facilities. You’ll arrive home refreshed, evenly tanned, and ready to conquer the workweek.