Baja Lobster Co. – Los Cabos Magazine #37

Baja-Lobster-MV-IMG_7953The Baja Peninsula is surrounded by bountiful waters—the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Sea of Cortés to the east—but few restaurants take better advantage of the water’s rich resources than Baja Lobster Co.

The talented kitchen crew is led by Eliseo A. Arbez, whom you can learn more about in our feature “Top Chefs,” page 62. Under his new leadership, Baja Lobster Co. has recently rolled out a new à la carte menu featuring a superb mix of traditional and contemporary recipes. The de rigueur  lobster Thermidor would pass muster with any critic, while the San Lucas lobster preparation is as fresh and tangy as its ingredients—lobster sautéed in garlic and topped with spicy tomato sauce. Something lighter for lunch? How about lobster tacos? The tacos—cooked in tomato and basil and wrapped in a banana leaf—are as good a match for cold Mexican beers as wines are for succulent seafood.

But before you start asking your waiter about wine pairing possibilities, don’t forget lobster’s perfect partner: a prime cut of filet mignon. Marina Golden Zone, Cabo San Lucas Marina, Cabo San Lucas, (624) 145-6011, Major credit cards and vouchers accepted. Daily 6 p.m.–midnight. $–$$$ A.A.

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