I’ll be back before the flowers wither – LCM 54 Summer 2021

Los Cabos - Todos Santos Highway
Photography by León Vargas


Writen by Dario Orríco
Ana Laura Vargas
León Vargas
Dario Orríco

I got to see her smile in a new way. She giggled and beamed. Then and there I wished to be back already from the trip I had yet to embark on.

Driving to me feels like meditating, or like a dream. Do you ever look at everything at once without thinking? Without editing reality through the narrow eyelet of your thoughts?

It feels like watching a movie. We don’t go through life looking in the same way we watch a movie. We often poison our vision with thought, looking at everything with intent. Looking through a tunnel, looking through the projection of our thoughts. And as such, reality fades away and we deprive ourselves of observing the world around us.

When you look without thinking the world unfolds before you as it is, as it’s happening. You get to learn, you become a spectator. To a world that’s trying to tell you something.

The highway unfolded endlessly, trees as blurred towers, like smoky clouds, mountains like seas, flowing, shifting, changing like slow waves.

Towns blurred in motion, blurred like the edges of memories. Sitting still, motionless, dreaming, on a black path as if it were film rolling, projecting, unraveling reality.
All I, mine, the spectator.

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