My Cabo – LCM #45 Winter 2017

My Cabo – Los Cabos Magazine writer Chris Sands reflects on the people and places that inspired him to turn his Cabo vacation into a permanent move.
Confession: I’m one of those people who came to Cabo on vacation and never left. Now it’s not the sort of impulsive decision I’d recommend to others, particularly if you have kids and a mortgage.

Raise the Flag – LCM #45 Winter 2017

Rise the Flag – Why three Los Cabos beaches are a cut above the rest.
Los Cabos is paradise for beach lovers, with dozens of gorgeous, golden-sand-covered shoreline stretches featuring spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortés, as well as world-class conditions for water-based activities like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

This Is How We Do It – LCM #45 Winter 2017

This Is How We Do It
Los Cabos locals know exactly where to go for the region’s best seafood dishes.
There is a very old and respected axiom in travel circles: If you want to find the best food, follow the locals. Who knows more about the best places to eat in a given area, after all, than the people who live there? With that in mind, here’s a local’s guide to the top seafood stops in Los Cabos.

Baja Lobster Co. – LCM 45 Winter 2017

Lobster, the king of all seafood, gets its due at this scenic seaside eatery. The butter-drizzled crustaceans are served up under an elegant white canopy on the boardwalk promenade that rings the Cabo San Lucas Marina. During dinner hours, one can watch the fishing boats bringing back the day’s catch or enjoy the sun setting over the luxury villas that dot the hillside as a guitarist strums romantic ballads.

Captain Tonys – LCM 45 Winter 2017

The local fish population will bite on almost anything. Anglers, however, are a bit pickier. They bite at Captain Tony’s. Not only is the palapa-topped dockside restaurant a virtual museum of sportfishing in Cabo San Lucas–the walls are lined with photos of enormous catches dating back several decades–but this is where anglers take on ballast before departing each morning.

Jacks Bar & Grill – LCM 45 Winter 2017

Painted across the ceiling is a map of México as it was during the days when Spanish galleons journeyed yearly from Manila to Acapulco, and English and Dutch pirates waited behind Land’s End to waylay them. Mexican and American comfort food specialties are the focus at the pirate-themed Jacks Bar & Grill. One might think the food and drink almost an afterthought, but there’s no denying Jacks serves tasty, generously portioned fare like nachos, burgers, and baby back ribs at affordable prices.

Oyster Bar – LCM 45 Winter 2017

Fresh, local seafood abounds in Los Cabos, but for shellfish aficionados, the lunchtime choice is clear: Oyster Bar. The afternoon iteration of the popular Baja Lobster Co. restaurant offers a congenial open-air atmosphere overlooking the Cabo San Lucas Marina, as well as the area’s best selection of seafood classics like oysters on the half shell, Acapulco-style shrimp cocktail, chocolate clams (named for color, not flavor), oysters Rockefeller, and a Mexican variation of a traditional country club favorite, lobster tacos in Thermidor sauce. There’s no pressure to be traditional, however.