Daikoku – LCM 51 Spring 2019

Daikoku There’s no passport stamp necessary to enter Daikoku, yet you’ll nevertheless feel like you’ve been whisked away to Japan as you cross over a small bridge and are magically cast into a Japanese garden setting. There are two tables where water runs through the… Read More

Daikoku – LCM 45 Winter 2017

Discover the richness of Japanese cuisine in the heart of Cabo San Lucas. While Daikoku has deep roots in Japan—its menu and decor celebrate the Land of the Rising Sun—this is a restaurant that quickly earned accolades and won over hearts (and stomachs) in Los Cabos. The ambience is sure to win you over, too, starting with a serene koi pond. A bougainvillea tree has been shaped into a bonsai dwarf sprouting blossoms of peach and white, likened to a cherry blossom. A wooden paddle wheel gives a soothing whooshing sound of water.