Daikoku – LCM 49 Spring 2018


Daikoku transports guests to Japan with a menu that dances about the country’s cuisine, including soups, teppanyaki, noodle dishes, and sushi (pictured: Inari roll).

When you enter Daikoku, you will think you have been transported to Japan. You cross over a small bridge, and you’re magically cast into a Japanese garden setting. There are two tables where water runs through the tops of the tables and then two small waterfalls that cascade into a Koi pond.  A water wheel adds to the ambience that you’re next to a small stream in the forest. There are two teppanyaki grills in the outside garden area. As you walk up a small flight of stairs and enter the restaurant, the floor you’re standing on is made of thick glass with a Zen garden below. You usually go to a restaurant for the food, but Daikoku throws in a spiritual experience along with the food, and has a very warm and hospitable staff, and air-conditioning. There are many sushi restaurants in Cabo, but Daikoku is one of a kind.  To my knowledge, it’s the only one to offer bluefin tuna, the emperor of the ocean.  The best cuts are from the belly, and from a 400-pound tuna, you may get only a couple of kilos. If you love tuna, you must give this a try and you will not be disappointed. If you’re a meat lover, try the filet mignon, which is cooked on the teppanyaki grill and served with assorted vegies. The menu also includes chicken and shrimp and other exotic things to choose from. If you’re into sake, Daikoku has a variety of sakes from Japan. Plaza Nautica, Blvd. Marina, Cabo San Lucas, (624) 143-4038, (624) 143-4267, https://loscabos.daikoku.com.mx/en. Daily noon–11:30 p.m. AmEx, MasterCard, and Visa accepted. $$–$$$ M.B.


Contact Page in Los Cabos Guide: https://www.loscabosguide.com/daikoku/