From Los Cabos To New York – LCM 53 Fall 2021

From Los Cabos To New York
The Crown Jewel of Baja California
By Fernando Rodríguez


The quaint and cozy turquoise and white painted, Indira and Isidro’s Jewelry shop has been at their location in front of the San Jose del Cabo Mission Catholic Church for 17 years. “Isidro is originally from Mexico City, and joined his older brother in Cancun, where they opened their first jewelry store,’’ said Indira Sanchez. “They later moved to Los Cabos and this is where he and I met,’’ she added with a smile.

Indira and Isidro’s jewelry collection have been inspired by the beauty of this Southern Baja California Region they call home. Indira hails from a small pueblo community near the magical Baja California city of Mulege. Their jewelry pieces tell stories, and express feelings of places that are located in this region, that have been described as rare, unique and distinct. ‘’We have clients who always come back and ask whats new?,’’ mentioned Indira while describing the jewelry they alone manufacture. ‘’We try and suit jewelry to their likes and personalize them for each customer. Every creation has its own history and value,’’ added Indira.

‘’What we are working on now, is what we call the skin collection, which is what my husband took with him to the prestigious New York Fashion Show. We went through various trial and error until we were satisfied with the finished product; which varies and comes in shades of blue and gray. The men’s bracelets are very masculine of silver and leather colors that are reflective of what best suits the buyer.’’

And while Indira was unable to accompany her husband Isidro on his dream come true voyage to the New York Fashion Show, she is expecting to go this 2020 year to a different fashion show in the Big Apple City of New York, New York. ‘’It was a blessing going to New York, this past 2019 year, in which we learned how to dream big and realize our goals and both understand it’s important that I share in these moments,’’ commented Indira, adding that, ‘’We have worked very well with Designer Wilfredo Gerardo and have a good relationship with him since our first meeting.’’ The Sanchez couple have achieved international recognition by reaching one of the largest catwalks in the United States and the world. ‘’I had the opportunity to work with more than 50 Couture designers from all over the world; and getting to New York, is the dream of any artist,’’ added Isidro. ‘’My wife Indira and I have been making jewelry for 19 years. We have always made pieces that are different from the rest.’’

Their creative jewelry design hopes to honor the Pericue Natives that first inhabited the Baja California Sur land which became La Paz, Todos Santos, East Cape and Los Cabos. Offering a unique collection that pays tribute to the Calafia Queen. ‘’I didn’t know how to create designs, but over time I learned how to design. As women, we have many qualities that compliment our designs and the ideas we share,’’ noted Indira.

The creative jewelry manufacturing designing husband and wife duo first started placing their jewelry on social media via Instagram and Facebook aside from their website, and have learned how to best photograph their designs with proper lighting and share them online. Indira and Isidro Sanchez have also had the opportunity of making some jewelry for Jennifer Lopez, not with J-LO personally, but indirectly through her friend who informed Indira she wanted a cross necklace. Indira also had the distinguished honor and good fortune of designing something for someone who is not quite the celebrity like Jennifer Lopez, but a professional corporate manager gentleman from Nieman Markus.

‘’I enjoy looking for the stones that artisans present me from which we can create something dynamic and unique that is ours,’’ explained Indira. One of the regular places Indira travels for their jewelry design and manufacturing business brand is Tasco, Guerrero, the capitol silver mining city in which 99% of the country purchases their silver. “We have made many friends over the years in Tasco, and while everyone gets their silver there, we strive to  continue creating our unique designs.’’

Indira and Isidro’s Jewelry can be found in several hotels in Los Cabos, and the couple have come to accept having their designs copied as a natural part of their growth and success. The attractive and sweet Indira, and equally pleasant and friendly Isidro, have continued building the relationships and  camaraderie they have made at industry expositions and conventions. In 2020, they will both attend jewelry and fashion shows in Madrid, Spain and Europe for the first time.

Quite a dream-like future for the two lovable Los Cabos business leaders, who a few years ago battled with heartache and tragedy as Isidro fell ill and was in life-threatening shape for three years. ‘’When my husband was sick, we struggled a little bit, but thanks to our faith and God’s blessings, we managed to get by and have continued to prosper and he is now enjoying what we consider his second chance at life. Living everyday to the fullest. In December 2018, Isidro, underwent his last operation, which was our last hope, and we are ever so thankful and blessed to have him back to normal,’’ said Indira.

The happy and humble couple, have two children together and have raised his three youngsters from a previous marriage all as one fortunate, hard-working, and talented family. ‘’Both of our children like to draw and design jewelry and they each possess a strong passion for what is the family legacy. Our 10-year old son has tremendous potential, since he is starting so early, in expressing his own designs,’’ commented Indira.

A content, happy, and proud jewelry designing Mexican mother and priceless gem of the Los Cabos, Southern Baja California business community and half leader of Indira and Isidro Jewelry Designs Shop of San Jose del Cabo’s Mijares Central Plaza.