Golden Zone – LCM 53 Fall 2021

Golden Zone – LCM 53 Fall 2021

by Fernando Rodriguez

The Golden Zone Restaurant Row along the Marina in Cabo San Lucas offers tourists seven different places to dine, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. The dining establishment which offers Italian cuisine for afternoon lunch or a dinner evening, is Presto Italian Ristorante. Also known as Presto Pizza, Pasta, and Salads, or Presto for short. Presto offers timeless delights that are served in a modern Italian atmosphere. Their Italian classics features savory homemade soups, salads, Carpaccios, pasta, gourmet pizza and Focaccia.

‘’My husband and I shared the shrimp ravioli and the salmon carpaccio for lunch. Both dishes were so tasty! It was our first time having shrimp ravioli so that was a great treat. The salmon was very fresh. The service is wonderful. I love the Marina view while enjoying our food. Great restaurant with lovely food,’’ said Jennifer L.from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The Presto Restaurant Italian cuisine brings the traditional regional flavors of Italy to the heart of Cabo, merging them with the special touch of Mexican cuisine, creating exceptional flavors with great and delicious dishes that are carefully prepared with authentic and fresh ingredients at the hands of their Executive Chef, Roberto Macciadris. The Presto company has been committed to providing an unforgettable and authentic culinary experience; that includes delicious food and and an exquisite wine pairing selections. Some of their more amazing dishes are accompanied by their flagship cocktail of Aperol Spritz and Amaretto Sour.

‘’It was fun to sit outside at the Marina and the nearby restaurant had live music that we were close enough to enjoy,’’ said Amy O. of Glencoe, Illinois. Adding that, ‘’We stuck with the basics and everyone was happy. We ordered a few pizzas for the kids and the adults jumped right in with pasta dishes.  All the pasta dishes were good but the winning dish was my husbands Shrimp Diablo.’’

Presto Italian Ristorante has been serving Italian specialties in a modern bistro atmosphere since 2011. ‘’I recommend the Penne with a white wine sauce accompanied by a bottle of Mexican Baja California Wine from the Valley of Guadalupe near Ensenada,’’ said Viridiana Chairez of Mexico City, Mexico.

‘’Who would have known we’d find amazing Italian food in Mexico?,’’ added Valerie Taylor, after her January 2021 visit. ‘’The carpaccio (for those who love raw meat) is exceptional. So is their Mango smoothie. Excellent pizza, very delicious. The service was impeccable, smiles everywhere, kindness galore.’’

For reservations and/or more information please call Presto Pizza, Pasta, and Salads at (624) 145-6020. Located at Paseo de La Marina, Puerto Paraiso. Open 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM.