Sunset da Mona Lisa – LCM 44 Summer 2016

How do you describe the most decadent food in Los Cabos? Ahh! Sunset da Mona Lisa! New items on the menu are simply beyond simple description. You must see them for yourself. Italian-born chef Paolo della Corte has pulled out all the stops, offering gourmet Italian delicacies. Stop at the Taittinger Terrace—the on-site oyster and Champagne bar—first and ask for the oven-baked oyster in its shell with porcini mushrooms, black truffle, and mozzarella cheese to enjoy with a glass of bubbly. Move on for dinner and try a taste of tuna tartare in chipotle and soy, or salmon tartare in lemon mousseline served with French bread that is made black by squid ink. A seafood soup scented with lemon grass is perfect when you don’t want to go overboard. If you are game, the octopus and porcini mushroom dish is worthy of a photo, along with risotto foie gras with Barolo wine reduction and glazed quail. A prix fixe three-course dinner includes antipasti; a pasta, fish, or meat dish; and a dessert. Go for the works with six courses that are designed around seasonal ingredients (wine pairing extra). Desserts are just as decadent with a palate cleanser of beet sorbet served in an upside-down cone and followed by several indulgent choices. If you’re like me, opt for two: a chocolate sphere and a chocolate soufflé with anise foam. Valet parking. Km 6.5 on the tourist corridor, Cabo San Lucas, (624) 145-8160, Nightly 4 p.m.–10:30 p.m. MasterCard and Visa accepted.


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